Sodium liquid

Sodium liquid glass is a sodium silicate solution produced by autoclave dissolution. It is a thick gray or yellow liquid without impurities and inclusions that are visible to the naked eye. Chemical formula is Na2Ox[O2Si]m.

Sodium liquid glass is used is used in soap, paper, chemical, construction and engineering industry, steel industry and foundries, as a flotation agent in mineral processing. It can be used for fire protection and as antiseptic medicine.

Liquid glass is poured into a customer’s containers made of material that does not react with theproduct (metal and wood drums), or into tank trucks.

It is transported by any type of transport in accordance with the Rules of transportation.

The guaranteed shelf life – one year from the date of manufacture Product Safety is confirmed by passport Material Safety Data Sheet. The product is not subject to mandatory confirmation of conformity by certification or declaration.

Regulated by TU 2145-026-00204872-2002.

Sodium liquid