PVC insulation tape

Tape must be free from through holes, cracks, folds, pores, bubbles, air pockets, rips on the edges. Roll surface is smooth. Color: black, brown, blue.

PVC insulation tape without adhesion layer is designed for use as a wrapper for constructions with combined reinforced and regular protective coatings in construction and repair of oil pipelines and gas pipelines.

Tape is manufactured from PVC compound by roller calendering method

Application of tape can be performed at ambient temperature: brand A – minus 30 °C to plus 40 °C; brand B – minus 20 °C to plus 40 °C.

Tape is not a hazardous product.

The tape is supplied in rolls wound on cardboard or plastic bobbins. Each roll is packaged in a polyethylene or polypropylene bag. Roll weight 25-30 kg.

It is transported by rail, road, air, sea and river transport.

The guaranteed shelf life - 2 years from date of manufacture. The tape should be stored in closed premises, protected from direct sunlight and rainfall at ambient temperature not below – 40 °C and not above + 40 °C, away from organic solvents and corrosive media.

Regulated by TU 2245-256-00203312-2006.

PVC insulation tape