PVC adhesive tape

Tape must be free from the following defects: through holes, inclusions, tears, areas without adhesive layer along its width, rips on the edges. Cylindrical roll of tape without corrugation and riffles. Adhesive layer does not flake and does not stick to the other side of the tape after rereeling. Color – black, blue

It is designed for outer surface corrosion protection of main oil pipelines and gas pipelines. It is used in construction, repairs, waterproofing of heat conductors, and also as a plastic wrapper along with a polymeric bitumen and polymeric-asmol coating tapes used for protection of underground pipelines, water pipelines.

Tape is manufactured by roller calendering method. The tape is based on plasticized polyvinyl chloride with the addition of light stabilizers and heat stabilizers. One side of the tape is coated with adhesive layer.

Tape is not a hazardous cargo.

The tape is supplied in rolls, wound on cardboard or plastic bobbins. Each roll is packed in polypropylene bag.

It is transported by rail, road, air, sea and river transport.

The guaranteed shelf life - one year from the date of manufacture if stored in the original packaging at ambient temperature not below – 30 °C and not above + 30 °C. The tape must be not less than 1 m away from heating devices, there must be no organic solvents and corrosive media.

Certificate of conformity for the product is available.

Regulated by TU 2245-001-00203312-2003.

PVC adhesive tape