Trading House Bashkhim realize detergents produced by Ekole Company that is a part of Bashkir Soda Company.

It is a plant with advanced technologies for manufacturing household chemicals and modern methods of organization and management.

Key Benefits are:

-          our own plant site, the possibility to offer price which is competitive at the market, and ensure high quality of products;

-          innovative integrated production ;

-          products are manufactured applying tower process and using equipment of BALLESTRA (Italy) which is one of the best known worldwide;

-          unique laboratory facilities, cooperation with RAS experts .

The Company’s brand portfolio includes a large variety of washing and cleaning agents. The Company’s policy is provision of advanced products at an optimum price.

All brands of the Company satisfy the modern consumer market requirements .

Ecole brand is a series of washing agents in the mid-price segment. Optimum combination of high quality and acceptable price. Wide brand range.

Zifa brand constitutes washing agents represented by base product line with optimal composition possessing high washing power and efficient material consumption. Is represented in the lower price line of the mid-price segment.

Luch brand is a series of washing and cleaning agents of the economy segment. Own production facility permits to ensure high quality of products in a given price segment compared to peers.

Tobbi Kids brand is an innovative product for washing of children's items developed in cooperation with RAS experts and pediatric physicians. Is represented in the upper price range of the mid-price segment of special purpose agents for washing of children's items .

Soda ash is a universal water softening washing and cleaning agent. It is a multipurpose product: softens water upon washing, removes difficult stains of organic origin, cleans various surfaces, inexpensive and efficient agent.