Mission of Trade House Bashkhim is high quality and prompt satisfaction of the demand of the industry and the population for chemical products to meet the latest efficiency and ecology standards maintaining the balance of interest of the consumers and manufacturers.

The main aspects of Trade House Bashkhim activity:

  1. Customer loyalty monitoring and development of the client service.

  2. Product quality monitoring; claim management and building efficient feedback between consumer and production.

  3. Optimization of the transport and logistic chain; optimization of quality and cost of industrial package.

  4. Work with the range and properties of the products in accordance with changing market conditions.

  5. Auditing the market, qualitative and quantitative consumer research; finding new niches and high quality of meeting the demand.

Five principles of Trade House Bashkhim:

  1. Supply high quality and safe products in good time.

  2. Always observe contractual and moral commitments.

  3. Be competent and responsible to customers and colleagues.

  4. Be responsible to future generations.

  5. Develop itself, the company and the country in general.