Breznikovsky Sodovy Zavod JSC (Berezniki, Perm Region)

Breznikovsky Sodovy Zavod is the ancestor of soda production in Russia.

The history of emergence of the first Russia’s soda production starts back in the XIX century.

Perm merchant Lubimov bought out Berezniki salt pans and a land plot on the Beryozovy Island from the treasury in1869.

On February 23, 1881 in Brussels (Belgium) a contract between merchant – manufacturer I.I. Lubimov and soda manufacturer Solve was concluded on the construction of the first soda factory in Russia with a capacity of 6,000 tons per year.

On July 21, 1883 the factory was put to use, and the first pood (16 kg) of soda ash was produced by the ammonia method.

In August 1929, construction of Berezniki Chemical Plant had been started, where the soda factory was incorporated in 1930.

Throughout the whole time of its existence the plant had been developing undergoing considerable reconstruction, old equipment was modernized, new capacities were commissioned: chlorobezenes production, production of “Antimol” moth repellant, electrolyzer repair facility, silicon processing substation and amenity spaces.

Bereznikovsky Sodovy Zavod founded as a result of reorganization of Russia’s oldest chemical enterprise Soda JSC has been operating stably and developing dynamically since 1999. The company is a successor of glorious traditions of the first Russian soda factory established in 1883.

Breznikovsky Sodovy Zavod specializes in the following products:

  1. Soda ash.

  2. Technical detergents.

  3. Lime stone.

  4. Crushed rock, etc.

Breznikovsky Sodovy Zavod implemented, certified and now successfully works with quality management and environmental management systems in compliance with requirements of the international ISO standards ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004. Certificates issued by the international certification agency TÜV SÜD Management Service GmbH, and results of annual audits confirm compliance of the Company’s activity with requirements of international standards.

In June 2013, the Company successfully passed certification of the labor protection managements system for compliance of the OHSAS 18001:2007 requirements.

External experts noted consistently high level of the management systems development and functioning at the Company. Such results can be achieved only by coordinated work of the whole staff.

Production of soda ash is associated with the environment contamination risks. Therefore, with the view of achieving environmental safety, the company defined the following priorities:

– Reduction of usage of Kama water and discharge of standard clean effluents.

– Reduction of emissions of contaminants into the atmosphere.

– Stepwise reduction of production wastes, also by their treatment and disposal.

– Introduction of steps for reduction of the risk of emergency situations connected with the environment contamination to ensure the necessary level of availability of powers and facilities for prevention and elimination of consequences of accidents and emergency situations.

– Increase of the company personnel awareness of ecology and environmental protection.

The VI all-Russian conference Ecology and Production took place in St. Petersburg in April 2012. Outlooks of development of ecological mechanisms for the environment protection. According to results of the conference Breznikovsky Sodovy Zavod was counted among the best 100 organizations of Russia in ecology and environmental management. The Company was awarded a golden medal “the best 100 organizations of Russia in ecology and environmental management”, which is confirmed by a certificate and is an evidence of recognition of the Company’s merits in environmental protection and creation of safe production condition. The awards confirm the status of the environmentally responsible company.