Polyelectrolyte VPK-402

Polyelectrolyte VPK-402 - colorless to yellow homogeneous fluid without foreign matter.

It is used as a flocculant and coagulant for the following purposes:

– intensification of processes of water treatment for deposition of fluidized particles, active slime, it provides an effective clearing of turbid waters;

– dehydration of deposits of urban and industrial sewage;

– compaction of deposits on slime platforms;

– treatment of natural water and sewage of coalpreparation plants, lacquer and paint plants and refineries;

– clearing of industrial sewage from mineral contamination;

– clearing of antibiotics solutions in medical industry.

Polyelectrolyte VPK-402 is used for purification of drinking water in domestic water supply. Polyelectrolyte VPK-402 can be used independently and in combination with coagulants.

Polyelectrolyte VPK-402 is packaged in polyethylene drums up to 227 dm3. The product can be filled into consumer’s container. The product is transported by rail tank cars.

It is transported by rail, road transport in roofed means of transportation.

The guaranteed shelf life - one year from the date of manufacture. Polyelectrolyte VPK-402 should be kept in closed container with enamel or polymer coating or in stainless steel container in clean and dry warehouses at temperature not above +40 °C.

Polyelectrolyte VPK-402 is non-flammable, non-explosive, low-toxic. Polyelectrolyte VPK-402 belongs to 4st class of hazard regarding its effect on body.

The product has the certificate for application in technological processes of oil production and oil transportation.

Expert statement of Federal state budgetary institution «Research Institute of human ecology and environmental hygiene named after A.N. Sysin» is issued for use of the reagent for intensification of wastewater treatment processes in oil refining industry, for purification of drinking water in domestic water supply.

Polyelectrolyte VPK-402