Evaporated salt without additives

Evaporated salt without additives is powdered odorless bulk product without impurities.

Industrial evaporated salt is used in chemical industry: for chemical treatment of water heat supply system (open and closed type), for prevention of of road icing (as a part of sand and crushed rock mixture), in oil industry and for other technical purposes.

Evaporated salt is transported by any type of transport in accordance with the Regulations on cargo transportation that are valid for a certain type of transport. Means of transportation must be clean and dry. Containers with evaporated salt are transported in open cars and by road vehicles.

Evaporated salt is packed in soft specialized containers type MKR -1.0S or MKR-1.0L. Other packaging materials can also be used.

Evaporated salt is stored in roofed warehouses, protected from ingress of water. Paved areas can be used of this product storage.

Evaporated salt in polymer packagings must be protected from direct sunlight.

The guaranteed shelf life - is 5 years from the date of manufacture.

Evaporated salt has Certificate of compliance and Certificate of applicability (system of voluntary certification TEKSERT) for use in oil and petrochemical industry.

Product Safety is confirmed by passport Material Safety Data Sheet. The product is not subject to mandatory confirmation of conformity by certification or declaration.

Regulated by TU 2152-027-00204872-2011.


Evaporated salt

In the chemical industry salt is used to obtain soda, chlorine, hydrochloric acid, sodium hydroxide and metallic sodium.