Suspension polyvinylchloride (PVC-S)

Polyvinylchloride – thermoplastic vinyl chloride polymer, formula [-CH2-CHCl-]n.

PVC-S is one of the most common plastics.It is used in production of profiles, siding, cable compounds, sheets, pipes, various types of films, including films for stretch ceilings, artificial leather, polyvinylchloride fiber, polyvinylchloride foam, shoe making plastic compounds, furniture edges.

Trade House Bashkhim sells PVC-S of S-6669PJ, S-6359М, S-5868PJ, S-70U marks.

PVC-S mark

Main application areas


Window and door profiles, siding


Plasticized semi-rigid items of common use (linoleum, artificial leather, plasticized films) and sheets of special purpose


Film and big size polymeric containers for packing food and consumer goods.


Plasticized items like light and thermal resistant cable compounds, medical compounds, film materials, artificial leather, high strength pipes

PVC-S is packed in 25 kg paper bags, 500 kg, 550 kg and 1,000 kg one-time big size bags, transported by railway transport in covered cars and road transport.

Guaranteed shelf life – 1 year after the manufacture date. In conditions of long storage – 5 years from the manufacture date.

In terms of level of effect on organism, PVC-S pertains to the 3rd class of hazard.

There is a Compliance Certificate for the product.

PVC-S of S-5868PJ, S-6359М marks is regulated by GOST 14332-78. S-6669PJ mark is regulated by TU 2212-186-00203312-98. S-70U mark is regulated by STO 00203312-006-2012. Physical and chemical indicators of PVC-S: 

Suspension polyvinylchloride (PVC-S)
Certificate REACH


Food films and containers, bottles and covers, tubes and cream jars, mobile phone and computer cases, pens, lighters and many more – basically any modern pack is made of PVC.