Sodium hypochlorite

Sodium hypochlorite is a strong oxidiser. Greenish-yellow to brown liquid with chlorine smell, freely soluble in water, degrades during long term storage especially if exposed to light. The chemical formula is NaOCl.

Two brands of sodium hypochlorite are available depending on raw material: A and B. Brand A is designed for treatment of water in household and drinking water supply systems, for treatment of sewage and industrial waste water, for disinfection of packaging and equipment in meat and dairy industry, for production of bleaching substances and disinfectants. Grade B is used for disinfection of areas contaminated with fecal discharges, food, household and other waste, as well as for wastewater disinfection.

Fire-flame-proof substance. 2nd class of hazard regarding its effect on body.

Sodium hypochlorite is packaged in special rubberized rail tank cars. Shipment can be carried out in consumer packaging (containers, drums).

It is transported by rail, road, water transport in roofed means of transportation.

Note: Permitted loss of active chlorine after 10 days from the day of shipment is not more than 30% of the original content. According to STO 00203312-012-2011 regarding «appearance» brand B: greenish-yellow liquid. Small amount of precipitation, fine particles, suspensions can be present.

Certificate on state registration of the product is available. Also available certificate of conformity and declaration of conformity for the product.

Sodium hypochlorite

Sodium hypochlorite

Sodium hypochlorite is used for treatment of domestic and industrial waters from harmful microorganisms, for eliminating odors produced from sulfur-containing substances, disposal of industrial effluent from the cyanide compounds and mercury removal from wastewater.