Dichlorethane, commercial grade

Dichlorethane, commercial grade - clear, mobile liquid with chloroform smell. Liquid-phase chlorination of ethylene dichloride in dichloroethane in the presence of ferric chloride catalyst. Chemical formula is С2H4Cl2.

It is used for production of vinyl chloride monomer in organic synthesis for extraction of fats and alkaloids. It is a strong solvent.

The product is 2rd class of hazard regarding its effect on body.

It is transported by railroad tanks, steel welded drums according to GOST 13950-84 type I, 100 and 200 dm3 (to be agreed with a consumer).

The guaranteed shelf life - 3 months from the date of manufacture.

Dichlorethane regulated by GOST 1942-86.

Dichlorethane, commercial grade