Liquid chlorinated paraffins

Liquid chlorinated paraffins – an oily fluid: brand HP52 and HP470A without visual impurities; brand 470B from yellow to brown-yellow colour. Light opalescence may be present.

Liquid chlorinated paraffins are used for production of lubricants and as a components of grease compositions for processing of natural leather, as well as a secondary plasticizers in polymer compositions based on polyvinylchloride and some other polymeric materials.

Chlorinated paraffins HP-52 is produced by chlorination of paraffins С14-С17. Chlorinated paraffins brands HP-470A and HP-470B are produced by chlorination of paraffins or olefins С9 – С30.

Low-combustible, explosionproof product, the 3rd class of hazard regarding its effect on body.

Chlorinated paraffins fill in rail tank cars equipped with universal drain device and heating jacket, in steel drums type 1A1 216.5 dm3 and polyethylene drums 227 dm3.

It is transported by rail tank cars and tanker trucks. Chlorinated paraffins are packed in drums, transported in roofed vehicles by road and railway transport in universal containers on open cars.

The guaranteed shelf life: brand HP-52, HP-470А – one year, brand HP-470B – three months from the date of manufacture.

Certificate on state registration of the product is available.

The product is regulated by TU 2493-277-00203312-2007

Liquid chlorinated paraffins